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March 1st "Indian Dance Festival"
At Dr. Phillips Center of Performing Arts

Dr. Janki Rangarajan and Parul Shah will bring a truly unique experience to Dr. Phillips Center. The Indian Dance Festival will be showcasing three local Floridian dance groups exploring the medium of Indian classical dance forms, specifically Kathak and Bharatnatyam. The stars of the Festival, Parul Shah and Janki Rangarajan, will give the local audience a taste of the their powerful and spiritual dance forms. 

Janki Rangarajan
At the forefront of the new generation of Bharatanatyam dancers, "Nadanamamani" Dr. Janaki Rangarajan represents the future of the ancient art form. Since the age of 4, Janaki has been passionate about communicating through dance. Her unique dance style is a sincere result of her undying passion, self-motivation and dedication towards Bharatanatyam. Her refreshing approach to Bharatanatyam has won her many accolades and praise from dance lovers around the world. Being a firm believer in maintaining the integrity of tradition, Janaki explores her creativity without compromising on the classicism of the dance form. 

Parul Shah
Shah’s work builds on the dance form’s mythological storytelling roots to explore universal narratives, using a rich movement vocabulary that communicates the dynamic and often paradoxical nature of modern life. While preserving the emotive quality unique to Indian classical dance, Shah tells her own stories that foster understanding, empathy, and relationships between audience and performer.

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